Great WhiteSave our Sharks!!!

Sharks are vital to the survival of our oceans and us! Without sharks the seal population would overrun the world. Here are some ways that humans threaten sharks.

1. Over-fishing – Too many fish caught means that sharks must seek out new prey.


2. Pollution – Too many people litter, and when it rains, litter gets washed into the ocean.

3. Shark Fin Soup – Although this may be considered a delicacy, over killing of sharks could throw off the ecosystem of the entire ocean.

4. Sport Fishing – Large sharks like the Great White and Mako have become a target for sport fishing. Over fishing of sharks in certain areas can be dangerous to the local environment.

But there is hope! Here are some ways we can help sharks.

1. Don’t over fish. When you and your family fish, please stick to the local limits posted by the fish and game. It allows a fair chance for everyone, including the fish.

2. Don’t Litter. Too much litter pollutes the open ocean, and causes sharks to move closer to shore.

3. Although we don’t eat shark fin soup here in the United States, we can create awareness to the balance of sharks and marine life. Meaning no shark fin soup.

4. At home, read books about sharks and other ocean wildlife, and find ways you can help in your local community.

Remember, pollute our oceans, pollute us.