The American Heartland

In the continent of North America, the heartland harbors a great variety of animals.  If you traveled back in time, you would see animals such as mammoths, bison, deer, moose, elk, wild boars,condors,bears, saber-toothed cats, dodos, 8-foot tall birds called titanis , wolves ,lions, giant ground sloths, antelopes, rhinos and wild horses.  If you go there now, about half of all those amazing creatures are extinct or left that area.  Only the antelopes, wolves, bears, deer, elk and moose remain; and they are all threatened.

Bison graze on the plains like they did long ago

Bison graze on the plains like they did long ago

The seasons of the plains change drastically.  In winter, the land is a white desert and all animals live in fear of wolves.In spring baby animals are born and birds return.  In summer the land is full of life.  In autumn, animals migrate away and rodents fill their food stores.


wolf pack

Wolves rule the land in late Autumn, all of winter, and early spring.  Bears usually stay away from wolves, because wolves live in packs of up to 30 individuals.  Wolves eat a wide variety of animals, such as deer, elk, moose, pronghorn(the only antelope native to North America), prairie  dogs, moles and gophers,  fish, water birds and river otters.  In the 18 hundreds, wolves were nearly hunted to extinction by early settlers protecting their livestock.But laws came into being to protect wolves.  Since then, wolves have come back from the brink.