Three-toed Sloths

sloth in a treeThree-toed Sloths are some of natures most gentle creatures.  They live in the rain forests of South and Central America. It rain a lot there; nearly every day!  Sloths have adapted so that the rain does not make them sick.  Instead, it allows algae to grow in their fur and camouflage them into the foliage of the rain forest canopy.

Despite people say that sloths are lazy and sleep all day, sloths only sleep about 14 hours, they just move VERY slow.  Look at lions, they sleep about 20 hours every day.  Three-toed sloths are closely related to two- toed sloths, anteaters, and armadillos.  They all are slow moving animals that either use size, camouflage, or armor to evade predators.

upside-down slothThree-toed sloths have nine neck vertebrae.  This enables them to look forwards, right-side up while they are hanging upside down. They have the most neck vertebrae  in all mammals.  Humans, giraffes, and most other mammals have seven neck vertebrae.