Rhinos,or rhinoceroses , are mammals that are found in Africa and Asia.They have thick leathery hides ,and,depending on the species have one or two horns.

Black Rhino in the African Plains

Black Rhino in the African Plains

Rhinos have a diet of plants, which includes grasses, shrubs, and marsh plants.Each day ,a rhinoceros can eat 100 pounds of plants. Rhinoceroses share the African plains with zebras, gazelles, antelopes, buffalo, giraffes and elephants.

A rhinos only natural predators are lions, hyenas, crocodiles and alligators. The rhinos biggest threat is humans;who poach nearly a thousand each year for their horns which supposedly have magical powers. Some conservationists act as bodyguards to them, armed with guns and knives, ready to kill any poachers. Others tag them and cut off their horns so poachers do not kill them for their horns.

White Rhinos are going extinct because of poachers.  We are destroying their homes.  There are seven in captivity and 30 in the wild.  That’s not very many at all.