Proboscis Monkeys


Male Proboscis Monkeys sport a oddly shaped nose that resembles a cartoon characters

Proboscis monkeys are large monkeys that live in Indonesian rain forests.  These monkeys live in highly social groups called troops, led by a dominate male.  Other than the male, troops contain 8-10 females and their young.  The male protects the females from predators such as leopards, crocodiles, and birds of prey.

Proboscis monkeys spend their days in the trees eating, sleeping, playing, and grooming each others fur.  They  sleep by riverbanks.  These monkeys are the most aquatic of all primates.  They can out swim their arch nemesis, the gharial crocodile.  They can do this because they have developed webbed feet.  This allows them to swim better and walk on mud without sinking.p monkey troop

Proboscis monkeys have a varied diet.  They consume leaves, shoots, flowers, and unripe fruit.  If they ate ripe fruit, the fruit would cause severe kidney damage.  Although they sport vicious looking canines, they are not used for predatory purposes.  Males use them in battles with other males and predators.