Bengal Tigers

Royal-Bengal-TigerBengal tigers are a very beautiful cat.  They are a very endangered animal.  There are about 3,000 left in the world.They live in India, Bhutan,  Nepal, and parts of Burma( Myanmar).   They live in the tropical regions of these countries.   Each tiger has a unique stripe pattern. Tigers occupy an area of 60  square miles to hunt and breed.

swamp pounceBengal tigers are ambush hunters.  They rely on natural cover such as grass and bushes to sneak up on their prey.  They hunt deer, wild pigs, water buffalo, monkeys,antelopes, and small game.  They generally try to pounce on their target and kill it with a quick bite to the spine or neck.  Sometimes they herd their prey into water.

Bengal tiger females usually give birth to 2-4 cubs.  They raise their cubs alone.  Males kill the cubs to reduce competition for food and mates.  The cubs are sometimes all white as oppose to the traditional  orange or brown.  This is because of albinism.  It is the loss of white cub groomingpigments in the fur and skin.  They animals with this mutation often have a hard time sneaking up on prey in the tropics and die of starvation.  Bengal tiger cubs stay with their mothers for one year.  During this time, they learn the essential life skills of being a tiger.

Bengal tigers are very aquatic cats.  On hot days, they will lounge in pools and streams to cool off.  They are excellent swimmers, and will commonly be sighted traveling through mangrove swamps to small islands by doggy paddling, or in their case I guess it would be kitty paddleing.