Mammals are warm blooded animals that feed their babies milk. They live from the hottest deserts to the coldest ice lands.

Most mammals have fur to keep them warm and protect them from the elements.  Whales, dolphins and porpoises do not have fur.  They have blubber, a rubber-like substance that is very thick.

Sperm Whale hunting for Squid

Sperm Whale hunting for Squid

Diet wise, mammals are divided into three groups. Carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. Carnivores eat other animals; such as deer, gazelles, buffalo, birds, elephants, rodents, whales, seals and fish.Some carnivorous mammals, such as wolves, killer whales, lions, wild dogs, dolphins and whales, hunt together to bring down prey much larger than themselves. These Groups are called PACKS.

Herbivore mammals eat plants.Some, such as rhinos , giraffes and elephants, live alone. Most other herbivores group together in HERDS.  A herd may consist of a few animals to thousands of individuals.  By herding together, herbivores can lower their chances of being eaten.

The most adaptable group of mammals are the omnivores.  They can eat BOTH plants and meat.  Some well known omnivores are coyotes, chimps, monkeys, bears, pet dogs, and, HUMANS!!! FOR example, if all the animals in one area died out, omnivores could eat plants.