Golden Eagles

A Golden Eagle

A Golden Eagle

Golden Eagles are one of the most abundant of all eagles. They live on every continent; except Antarctica.  They typically live in open spaces to spot prey more easily.

Golden eagles have a wingspan of 6 to 71/2 feet.  These majestic birds can glide or perch to look for prey.  The color of these birds is mostly light to dark brown.  They  have powerful talons that can rip open flesh.

Golden eagles lay 3-5 speckled eggs that incubate for a month on a rocky outcropping on a cliff.   The tiny eaglets are all white when they first hatch.  The young can’t fly for approximately 10 weeks after they hatch.  Once they lave the next, young eagles are speckled colored with white and are lighter brown than adults when they leave the nest.  They darken over the next few weeks.

Golden eagles top of the food chain predators. They eat rodents, sheep, fish, small birds, foxes, deer, fish, carrion and other birds.  In Russia, people train these majestic birds to hunt nearby wolves that threaten their villages.  Eagles attack their prey by diving from above and grabbing the prey by the back.  They later tear it open with their wicked beak.  Eagles often bully their way to a carcass.