whitetip 1Sharks are one of the most ancient animals on earth. Often, they are referred to as “Nature’s Perfect Predators.”  With over 400 species of sharks, and they all have adapted to a unique way of life.  They range from the tropics tho the polar ice caps, and everywhere in between.  Some sharks even go into rivers!  Sharks range from 12″ (0.3 m) long cookie-cutter sharks to 50′ (15 m) long whale sharks.

Sharks prey on everything from microscopic krill to 45 ton whales, and everything in between. Depending on what they eat, shark bodies evolve to better suit their needs.   For example, if a shark ate tuna, it would evolve to be faster, and its teeth would become thinner and sharper.

Many sharks are threatened by the fin trade in Asia, and the killing of sharks to “protect” beach goers. People are very afraid of sharks due to their immense power, but few people are ever attacked, much less killed, by sharks.