Green Sea Turtles

green-turtle-1Green sea turtles are some of the most well known sea creatures.  They re found in tropical waters all around the world.  They propel themselves through the water with their huge front flippers, and steer with their back ones.

Unlike other sea turtles, green sea turtles are mostly vegetarian.  They eat sea grass and the occasional jellyfish.  They gather up sea grass and seaweed with their huge bills.

Green sea turtles undergo huge migrations in their lifetime.  They travel thousands of miles to mate, lay their eggs, and find food.  They travel across the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans.  The journey takes about two years round-trip.  Their breeding sights are Hawaii, the Southern coast of North America, and the Eastern Indian Ocean.


Green sea turtles are very slow.  They are the sloths of the sea.  They swim so slowly that algae grows on their shells.  To get rid of the algae, green sea turtles let algae eating fish eat all of the algae.  This benefits both the fish and the green sea turtles.  The turtles get clean, and the fish get a feast to eat.