Conflict palm oil is big threat to all life on earth.  Palm oil is used in many artificial products, like chips, sauces, juices, pastries, drinks, candies, and others.  Palm oil is the cheapest form of vegetable oil out there, and it does not cost a lot to grow and ship.  However, conflict palm oil is very bad for our planet.

Conflict palm oil is grown in Indonesia, Sumatra, Malaysia, and Borneo.  Palm plants are grown on vast plantation that are cleared from the rain forest.  To do this, the palm oil companies bribe the senators and politicians so that they can clear the rain forest for their plantations.  Then, the companies either clear cut the forest, or just incinerate it.  This is not only bad for the rain forest, but also for the planet.  On  a day with heavy burning, Indonesia can release more carbon based gasses than the USA and China.  All of the animals that lived in that forest either are burned alive, or their troubles are just beginning.

May animals are directly affected by conflict palm oil.  Orangutans, Sumatran elephants, Sumatran and Javan rhinos, tigers, and other endangered animals.  Sumatran elephants are pushed out of the forests and need to raid human crops.  Because of this, humans sometimes poison them