You have probably heard of climate change before.  It is an issue talked about a lot these days.  Most people think global warming when they hear climate change, but it is so much more.  Climate change is caused by humans interfering with the planet and the way it functions.  Here, you can learn about the devastating affects of climate change.

 Climate change is caused by several different things: the burning of fossil fuels, the livestock industry, deforestation, and humans tampering with the world’s delicate food web.  All of these things are caused by humans.

Fossil fuels are oil, natural gas, and coal.  These resources are accessed by offshore drilling,

Global warming refers to the earth heating up.  The most devastating result of it is the melting of the polar icecaps.The icecaps of the Arctic and Antarctic are the cooling system of the earth.  They help absorb heat from carbon emissions and regulate the earth’s climate and weather patterns.  When carbon emissions become too intense, ice does what ice does best; melt.  Since ice is more dense than water, when the ice melts in vast amounts, it raises the sea level.  This has made weather patterns more intense.  Droughts become dryer, rainfalls can flood cities, and storms become more devastating.  The changing weather and rising oceans misplaces thousands of people every year.  If all of the ice in the Arctic melted, it would flood many countries and leave hundreds of square miles under water.   Many cities, such as Miami, Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, and others, would be swallowed by the sea.  The remaining land would be dry and hot, and very hard to survive in.  Now keep in mind, this would all happen if the earth’s average temperature were to rise 3 degrees Fahrenheit.